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Resenha 013

This team is the first to be champions twice. Last year, they were the World Champions. This year, they repeated the victory in the national stage and they also want to repeat the victory in the World Final. Coincidentally, this year they won the national trophy in exactly the same way as last year: in a head to head game, with Andreza Castro playing alone against another player from the other team. She scored the Golden Goal. “We are very happy to participate again, and we are happier for being National Champions again. From last year until now we are more confident. Now, we want to be the World Champions for the second time and, to achieve this, we will play for ourselves!”



Marynara Avelino Captain

Nastassja Febras

Tuanny Benício

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Morgana ravadelli

Jéssica Ferreira

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Patrycia Ferreira Alves

andreza castro guedes